Terms and conditions

This agreement is a contract/legal commitment made between our customer (“you”) and Digital Inventory. It explicates the responsibilities and obligations regarding the services of Digital Inventory.

Terms and conditions are the set of instructions for users to assist them in using our product. It will serve customers in explaining and providing clarity for specific problems and guidelines.

These Terms were last updated on April 2022, and the changes will be effective immediately.

Digital Inventory reserves the right to change/update this agreement at any time. We advise our customers to read the terms of use carefully for an uninterrupted service experience. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, you will be regarded as ineligible for using our web/mob application.

By clicking “I accept” or by accessing our software, you agree that you have thoroughly read our terms and conditions along with our privacy policy, and you are legally bound for the commitments disclosed below or updated in the future. By accepting our terms and conditions you are legally bound to abide by the guidelines we state in the binding document

“Digital Inventory” means digitalinventory.io/, a stock and an inventory management application/service whose registered office is at johar town, Lahore.

“We”, “us” and “our” refer to Digital Inventory service providers.

Data means the information/statistics user or authorized person puts into the inventory software.

“You”, and “your” refer to the users/customers of our service that have access to the software interface.

Subscription fee means the charges our customers have to submit to us before using our premium services.

Website refers to our online Digital Inventory web application at the domain http://www.digitalinventory.io/

Service means Digital Inventory management services rendered to you by us, the providers.

The fee schedule means the subscription and billing structure which you may have agreed upon signing up for our premium services.

The effective date:

It means the provided product obligations will be in effect from the date you agreed to our terms and conditions.

Use of Software

Upon deploying our product and accepting terms of use, the Digital Inventory permits its users a non-exclusive and non-transferable right. Thus, allowing its customers to use the software through the mob app/web.

Digital Inventory is authorized to suspend any user’s right to access the website due to non-compliance with our service policies.

User restriction

Intellectual Property:

Ownership of data

Backup of Data

Since Digital Inventory is not liable for any loss in terms of customers’ incompetency or negligence, we advise you to retain copies of information to secure them from unfavorable circumstances. We do provide limited data recovery, however, securing your data from any content loss is solely your responsibility.

Unpredictable interruption

Contingent upon, if the software is interrupted or became inaccessible due to irrelevant interruptions like network error or system incompetency, we will be in no obligation to resolve the issue. However, if the service needs to be revised or any temporary disruption occurs, the Digital Inventory will inform the clients before the discontinuation of the website via official or direct channels.

Free trial

We have provided an option of 15 days free trial to our valued customers. We made this policy, so our customers can experience the processing of the application before becoming our respected customers. Users may submit charges after a satisfactory trial of the successful functioning of the app.


Once you start using the application, the subscription charges will be applicable on an annual basis. All payment is charged through direct banking. Under any non-payment circumstances, Digital Inventory reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time. Users are bound to deposit charges on the specified date as mentioned in the fee schedule. However, if you decide to cancel our subscription during the free trial, you do not have to pay us any charges.



Digital Inventory is liable to provide you with thorough operational and technical support for continuous and intuitive processing of the application.

Access condition

It is instructed to keep your password and credential details secure, if u felt any suspicious activity accessing your website, immediately change your password to protect your data from privacy breaches. To comply with our terms and conditions, refrain from deploying any unauthorized access to the system apart from the access you have been granted before.


It is notified to both parties to preserve each other’s confidential data at any cost. All the beneficial application specifications will be used for the scope specified in the accord. Any information shared/disclosed must be with the written consent of the specific party. The contract clarifies that any information be it written, verbal or digital, among the binding parties is subjected to follow the confidentiality clause.


The Digital Inventory privacy policy available at http://digitalinventory.io is a prerequisite agreement with our terms and conditions.

Acknowledgments by customer


The customer is obliged to indemnify Digital Inventory for any claim in terms of loss(including penalties or fines, not limited to ) we encounter as a result of customer non-compliance with obligatory terms. The compensation is subjected to be claimed legally by Digital Inventory for infringement of contract or neglecting rights of any person. Subsequently, we are authorized to claim costs trouble (including litigation expenses, not limited to) if occurred due to non-payment of subscription fees or violation of Digital Inventory intellectual rights.




A waiver on a single term shall not be a waiver for any other condition in the contract. Any waiver provision shall only be considered reliable if presented in a written signed document against the applicable party. If at any stage parties consider any term to be ineligible/incompetent, we will assure maximum legitimacy for the clause and might disregard the specific part only, if found invalid, as permitted by law.